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Modern Indian Art Showcased
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June 26, 2008

London- A new exhibition highlighting six leading Indian contemporary artists has opened in London and Newcastle in North East England. 'Out of India' celebrates a market that's been developing for the past ten years and the show underlines the pool of Indian talent and growing interest in Britain in their work.

Today's Indian artist is using a blend of both tradition and modern techniques in their work fusing in a new and fresh style.

Gurpran Rau has trained in Europe and lives in the US. Her work mixes digital print, pigment, and encaustic medium conveying human skin and binding membranes and the interconnection between beings.

Usha Phenay Pathak shows a more traditional style. Having traveled widely, her paintings view humanity and convey a keen observation and compassion for faces and characters.

Shailesh Patel takes traditional Indian styles and techniques and puts them into his work. His paintings reflect a sense of fun, giving old and new a contemporary twist.

With India's growing economy, demand for contemporary art is on the increase. 'Out of India' highlights this trend that is now moving to the west as collectors become more interested owning and appreciating such fine artworks.